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to night; many horses were captured; and  the   aznramution
and well-filled* war-chest plundered.

The news of Eajabhiivara's death reached his venerable
mother who was residing in her palace (candrasala) at Vijaya-
nagara. When she heard the news, she became inconsolably
distressed. It is impossible to describe her grief. For the
fault of her son, she put an end to herself by eating
bellahara.^ His three wives offered their jewels, clothes,
ornaments decked with gems, jadabangarus, sisafallus, and
pearl-necklaces to the great Grod embodied in the Yajnapxiruisa
(sacrificial fire) ; and they also swallowed bellahara similarly,
and secured release (from the body).

After these events had taken place, the three Padunahas
marched upon Vidyanagara, and having plundered ail the
wealth including dresses and jewels stored up in the treasury
of the fort that stood in the plain outside the city, they return-
ed to their respective places, taking with them chariots,
elephants, horses, and other kinds of vehicles. Then (Yadula
Saha) sent away the three kings, viz., Akhabara Jaladmu
Padusaha, Imaninliiku Padusaha of Varadadesa, and Nizam
Saha Bhaiiy Padnsaha with presents. He also sent the bones
of Rajabhuvara to Benares vssu that they might be thrown iu the
waters of the Granges). Next, he proceeded to Penugonda with
the object of conquering the place ; and having laid siege to it
for a month, he captured it, after a stubborn fight. He posted
his own garrison in the fort, and returned to Vijapura. Raja-
bhuvara died on Monday, Vaisakha, ba 8, i§ravana of the year
Raktaksi (S.S. 14:86)t

The S&atcnrajaiM Bakhair is finished in Tuesday Asadha ba 4 of the year KrodhL
Mac. Afts. 19-1-41, pp. 1-31; L*R. 24, pp^-107-73.

* The meaning of the -word jkaditajhaiS^ ns«d in the text in this context is not
quite dean
f Bella means jaggery, and ahara. U food. Therefore, belfaj&ra must be takea
to mean food prepared of jaggery. Since, the mother of Rajabhuvara died after consum-
ing it, poison must have been one of its ingredients.
t TnU date is irregular. Th* details ar« applicable to 1487 Krodha»a, Monday
», April AJD., 1565.